Who Are We?

California Pacific Medical Center’s Outpatient Physical Therapy and Sports Wellness Center

Our location:

CPMC is located in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California.

Our Clinic:

Our Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic has an extensive Sports Wellness Program at the Pacific Campus of CPMC.

The facility is 10,000 square feet and includes a rehabilitation pool, plyometric room, private Pilates room, cardio equipment and the latest in fitness tools (TRX, BOSU, slide boards, sports cords and medicine balls).

The Sports Wellness Center attempts to bridge the gap between medically necessary therapy services and community based wellness and fitness needs.

Our Sports Wellness programs are Pilates…Beyond Therapy, Total Body Fitness, Golf Conditioning, Fit for Life, Running, Fitness Training and Bike Fits.

Our Staff:

We have 15 Physical Therapists and 3 Physical Therapy Assistants at the Pacific Campus where the Sports Wellness Center is located.

All are licensed therapists in the State of California, CPR certified and have additional advanced certifications listed below.

Advanced Qualifications of our Therapists:

Advanced Technology:

Need more information?

Telephone number: 415.600.5860

Email: wellness@sutterhealth.org

Website: www.cpmc.org/sportswellness

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