Do you want to get your handicap down?
Have you recently gone through an injury or rehabilitation process?
Do you want to play golf injury-free into your 80’s?
Do you want to get stronger under the supervision of physical therapy professionals?
If so, California Pacific’s Golf Conditioning Program is for you.

Golf Injuries

The golfing population in the United States alone has significantly grown to a number of over 26 million individuals. Even though golf is considered a low intensity activity, it is not an injury free activity. It’s estimated that approximately 62% of golfers, whether amateur or professional, will endure some kind of injury related to the game. The most common injuries are acute or chronic back and shoulder injuries. They can be associated with repetitive micro-trauma, repetitive untreated sprains/strains, or from poor swing mechanics. Back and shoulder injuries are also the most preventable, if given a well rounded cardiovascular, flexibility and strengthening program.

How We Can Help

Regardless of the technology used for the clubs, you as the golfer must be able to maintain alignment while utilizing trunk, shoulder, hip, and ankle flexibility during the dynamic aspect of the swing. The more sound your body conditioning is, the more enhanced your backswing, transition, and follow through will be. The Golf Conditioning Program offers a golf-specific exercise regime for golfers of any level. The Program systematically addresses your flexibility, strength, and balance deficits that may hinder your game on the course.

Program Specifics

Private Session with Video Analysis (1 ½ hours)
Musculoskeletal posture and swing assessment with videotape analysis. A one-on-one session to develop an individualized exercise program based on our physical findings as well as from Dartfish video analysis of your swing. This will include prescription of an online exercise regimen on the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) web site.

See for more details on TPI

Private Golf Fitness Sessions

These sessions can be used to further diagnose your physical faults and review your online exercise routine. Beneficial if you have recently recovered from an injury or want personalized progressions. These sessions can also address your long term fitness goals or to reassess / progress your online routine.

Packages and One-on-One Sessions

One-on-One Sessions are offered Tuesday – Friday 10:15 – 5:00 p.m.

  • Private Golf Assessments with TPI PT (90 min) – $175
  • Semi-Private Golf Assessments with TPI PT (90 min) – $160 ($80 per person)
  • Private Golf Fitness (45 min) – $85
  • Private Golf Fitness (45 min) – five class series $400 ($80 each)
  • Private Golf Fitness (45 min) – ten class series $750 ($75 each)
  • Semi-Private Golf Fitness (45 min) – $90 ($45 per person)
  • Semi-Private Golf Fitness (45 min) – five class series $425 ($42.50 per person, per class)
  • Semi-Private Golf Fitness (45 min) – ten class series $800 ($40 per person, per class)


Pacific Campus
2360 Clay Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
415-600-GOLF (4653)

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