Fit to Ride: Bike-Fit Services

Are You Fit to Ride?

Are you an avid cyclist?
Do you cycle to work?
Do you have an injury that affects your cycling?
Do you want to improve your cycling performance?

Serotta International Cycling Institute Certified Bike-fit Professionals

California Pacific Medical Center’s Physical Therapy Department wants you to enjoy cycling. This is why we offer bike-fit services done by avid cyclists, who are also Physical Therapists and Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) certified bike-fit professionals. SICI is a member-based organization dedicated to the development and integration of cycling science to improve the cycling experience. SICI believes that every cyclist, regardless of their ability, should be able to ride a bike that fits their body and their goals.

For more information, visit Serotta International Cycling Institute on-line at

Now offering the following options:

Option 1:
Bike-Fit Evaluation with Musculoskeletal Assessment
(1 hour): $150

A musculoskeletal assessment is conducted to determine any flexibility or strengthen imbalances that may cause pain or may lead to injuries during cycling. Cyclists receive exercise suggestions specific to their individual assessment.

The bike-fit evaluation requires that cyclists bring their bike and cycling shoes. The analysis is conducted with you seated on your bike, which is secured to the bike-fit trainer equipment. The evaluation includes analyzing frame size; handlebar position; saddle height and position; reach, stem length and angle; and knee alignment.

Cyclists receive suggestions for optimal riding positions, pedaling techniques, and bicycle modifications. We help achieve the perfect cycling position for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Option 2:
Bike-Fit Evaluation with Musculoskeletal Assessment and Cycling Analysis
(1.5 hours): $200

In addition to the bike-fit and musculoskeletal assessment, Option 2 includes an interactive cycling video analysis using the CompuTrainer® 3D interactive motion software to optimize your comfort, efficiency, speed, and overall cycling performance. The software analysis provides you with your instant/average/peak: watts, cadence, heart rate, speed, and distance.


Pacific Campus
2360 Clay Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

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