It’s Baseball Season!

With the return of our beloved Giants in an “even number year” and with the addition of a few new characters, let’s talk about some of the pro’s favorite Baseball related warm-up and strengthening exercises.

Whether or not you play, it’s always fun to look onto the field during warm-ups and test your “training” knowledge. So let’s play a round of photo-hunt and see if you can match the correct exercise to that which our favorite Giants are performing below. (Don’t worry, answers will be shown below).

Exercise #1


  1. “Hey everybody, it’s sunny”…to be happy
  2. Dynamic hug with big smiles…to open the chest and thoracic spine
  3. Dynamic lunge hip flexor stretch with thoracic rotation…open hips and spine
  4. Sleeper’s stretch… to stretch the back side of the shoulder


Exercise #2


  1. “Clean the wall”… to warm up your forearm
  2. “Sand the floor”… to warm up your hand
  3. “Wave the flag”… to warm up your shoulder
  4. “Towel Drill”… to improve follow-through mechanics


Exercise #3

Giants Spring Baseball

  1. “Buttkickers”… to warm up hamstrings
  2. “Walk like a Flamingo”… to practice balance
  3. “Jog with your teammates”… to make the fans happy






1 (C)

2 (D)

3 (A)

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