Posture Partner

By Geoff Fong, MPT

Remember those days when your teachers would tell you to sit up in class?  Long days in a desk, reading boring texts and staying awake through lectures are memories you may be all too eager to forget.  How many of you STILL deal with long days at a desk, reading material you find boring, and nod your way through meetings?

Attention class! No slouching allowed

The difference now is that nobody tells you to sit up straight and work is quite literally a pain in the neck/shoulders/back/butt or more!

When you are swamped with work, it’s normal to be so involved that you forget about keeping good posture.  Even with the best ergonomic setup and with taking periodic rest breaks, keeping good posture is an activity that takes active attention, but how do you concentrate on work and posture at the same time?

The Posture Partner Challenge

This posture challenge is now ON!

Here’s how it works:  you make a mutual agreement with a co-worker, friend, or family member to call attention to each other’s poor postural positions throughout the day.

Keep it fun and friendly!  A quick, polite reminder is all it takes to snap out of Slouchville.

Challenge each other!  For the winner with the least amount of corrections for the week, challenge your spouse/partner to washing dishes or the car.  Challenge your co-worker to an icy beverage or coffee!

In the end, you and your posture partner will overcome pain from faulty posture together, one reminder at a time.

What is good posture?

Stoop lifting = Bad

Let the posture games begin!


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