Ski/Board Strong, All Day Long: Week 1

Ski and Snowboard Series

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and you are probably feeling the pressure of the holiday season.  Having a goal in mind and program in place will alleviate some of the pressure and keep you focused.   Knowing that there is a 10 foot base of snow will keep you motivated to start prepping for ski and snowboard season.   To help you progress your training safely, we will be uploading weekly videos.   We will also be posting about common snow sport injuries and training pitfalls.

If you routinely hit the slopes every winter, you are already aware of the potential risk of injuries without prepping your trunk and legs properly.  You are not only at risk for injury, but at risk for poor performance.  Everyone dreads the soreness after their first day back on the mountain.  Doing just a little bit of training will dramatically reduce the aftermath of that first day.  Each week we will post two sets of exercises that are focused on a specific muscle group or coordination of multiple muscle groups specific for skiing or snowboarding.  Get going today with these exercises for week 1.

Week 1 – Gluteal Progression

Week one of snow sport training involves waking up dormant hip muscles (specifically the gluteus medius).  This muscle is essential for stability and power during change of direction while carving or shredding down the mountain.

Start: sidelying hip abduction  – Perform 2 sets of 10-20 reps on each leg or until fatigue in the side of your hip.

Progress:  band walks – perform 1 minute walking even distances to the right and the left or until fatigue.

Week 1 – Balance Progression

Without superior balance we would not be able to stand up let alone descend the mountain on our skis or snowboards.  Standing on one leg coordinates glut and core activation, also essential for safe and efficient mechanics on the slopes.  Balance can be improved in extremely short amounts of time IF you practice it.

Start: Single leg stance.  Hold for 30 seconds.  Repeat on both sides.  Progress to performing with eyes closed.

Progress:  Single leg stance on an unstable surface and/or ball toss.  Hold for 30 seconds.  Progress by closing eyes.  Also, progress by tossing a ball for 30-60 seconds.

Still not motivated or don’t have enough time to practice every day?  Come to Total Body Fitness every Tuesday and Saturday where we will feature special exercises geared for snow sport fitness!

Check back for next week’s installment of the ski and snowboard series!

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