How to get fit…faster and safer…and no excuses

What is your goal?  Lose weight? Get toned?  Prevent injury?  Perform better in your sport?  For many people they want the whole package.   The good news is that you can achieve all of these with the same kind of training.  Total Body Fitness  (TBF).

CPMC Sports Wellness team offers two levels of TBF three times per week.  The class is one hour and consists of a variety of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Tabata Training and contrast training.  See the links above for descriptions on interval training.  Contrast training incorporates strength and power exercises for faster results.  See the video of sample exercises utilized in the more advanced TBF II class.  

Not ready for running, jumping, or heavy weights?  Build your strength with a Personal Fitness Trainer or Pilates classes.  Just starting to exercise and want to make sure you stay injury free?  Try TBF 1 classes which incorporates less bounding and less aggressive weight training.  Fit For Life classes are geared for the first time exercisers or older exercisers looking to improve bone strength, balance, and functional endurance.

There is an option for everyone to start achieving your fitness goals today.  Check out the schedule for CPMC Sports Wellness classes.  For more questions contact the wellness team below.                                                                                                    415-600-5860


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