Strength Training for Throwing Athletes – Part 2

Are you an injured or at risk throwing athlete?  Welcome back for the second half our our blog on how to prevent a throwing related injury.

See an explanation of The Throwers 10 and the first 3 exercises on our last blog.

This week we will present the second half of our series focusing on upper body strengthening to help prevent injuries and improve performance for all you throwing athletes.  Check out the video below for demonstration of the following exercises.

4: Scaption with Internal Rotation – great to strengthen one of the 4 rotator cuff muscles, but it is now recommended that you perform this exercise with your thumb up (external rotation) to prevent unnecessary stress to the muscle.

5: Prone Horizontal Abduction – a great exercise to work on stabilization of the scapula.

6: Lower trap press ups  – one of the only exercises that targets the lower part of the shoulder blade and is crucial to developing a stable shoulder.

7: Prone rowing – keep your shoulder down and back, be cautious not to hike your shoulder blade up towards your ear.

8: Pushups – Great as an advanced exercises but I would add a “plus” to this exercise as this has been shown to increase activation of the lower and outside part of the shoulder girdle.

9: Biceps curls and Triceps press

10: Wrist Flexion, Ext, Supination and Prontation

If you have further questions you should seek further consultation from a qualified professional.  Check back every two weeks for more blogs written by your CPMC Sports Wellness Physical Therapists.  In the next couple of months we will discuss popular health and fitness related topics including:  PRP, Bikram Yoga and CrossFit.


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