Get Ready for the Upcoming Golf Season

It’s the beginning of the year and the start of some resolutions.  Wanna be a better golfer?  Start simple, by focusing on your endurance, core strength and balance to make it happen.  Start by improving your stamina by walking for at least 30 minutes a day.  A round of golf is no walk in the park.  It requires a lot of endurance, particularly if you’re walking the course.  And let’s be honest, some of the courses around San Francisco are not exactly flat!  Progress to 45 minutes to an hour walks once or twice a week in addition to your 30 min daily walks.   Try to mix up the terrain to challenge your cardiovascular system and balance.  This might include walking on grass, sand or up/down hills.

For additional balance training, integrate single leg balance with trunk/hip rotations to simulate a golf swing.  If that’s easy, then try standing on an uneven surface or on a BOSU ball.  You can even hold on to a resistance band and swing with increased speed to challenge your core strength and improve power.  The golf swing requires balance and coordination as well as kinesthetic awareness of how your body is moving in space.  Using a mirror while training balance is helpful to see exactly where you are.

Core strength has been a catch phase in the exercise industry for some time now.  Just as a house requires a stable foundation to withstand environmental stresses, your body requires a strong core in order for your extremities to function properly.  If your foundation is weak, chances are you will have a break down in your movement/swing pattern.  Integrate core strengthening exercises daily such as the ones featured below.  If you need the motivation, enroll in a Pilates class once or twice a week.

A one on one golf fitness session to get specific exercises will help you address all your fitness needs to get you ready for spring golf.  Link here to find your closest  Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instructor  through TPI.   Just like any offseason, work hard now to get your best performance when your golf season starts.


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