Ski and Snowboard Series – Week 6 – Plyometrics

Welcome back to the FINAL week of the Ski and Snowboard Series. This is a progressive strength and conditioning program specific to snow sports injury prevention and performance enhancement.  If you have not been skiing this year yet or are feeling like you need a little zip in your technical moves, the following blog is for you!

The previous blogs in this series direct you in beginning hip, core, and balance exercises.  Here are the links to the blogs and videos:

Week 1: Glut med and balance progressions

Week 2: Front plank and squat progressions

Week 3: Clams and side plank progressions

Week 4:  Bridge and hip power progressions

Week 5: Lunge and rotational stability progressions.

This final series emphasizes plyometric exercise.  If you have not done any of the previous weeks exercises, you are not ready to do the following video.   What are plyometrics?  These can be performed in the upper or lower body, when a muscle is lengthened quickly the shortened quickly (called a stretch shorten cycle).  This is highly effective in developing power.

Unfortunately there is little understanding by many on how often to do plyometric training.  We do know that the most important component of plyometrics is ensuring that you warm up with dynamic stretching and mobility work.  It is also important to perform a consistent strengthening program for 1-2 months (similar to weeks 1-5 above) prior to the first session of plyometrics.

Perform the following exercises in the video 1-2 sessions per week.  Start by going moderate intensity/speed and increase as you feel that your body can accelerate in a controlled manner.  Perform on a solid surface using two feet and progress towards the unstable surface (BOSU ball) and to one foot.  Perform each exercise for 1 minute and repeat 2 times each.  Make sure that you do not have any pain while performing these exercises.

Continue performing the exercises above for the remainder of the snow season including 3-5 of the most challenging exercises from the previous blogs listed above.  This will keep you healthy and strong for the entire ski and snowboard season.

Check back with our blog for the next few months as we outline common injuries and exercise remedies.  In addition we will be featuring some of the latest pieces of fitness equipment including benefits and common pitfalls.

Happy Skiing and Boarding!

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