Ski and Snowboard Series – 5


Welcome back to the fifth week of the Ski and Snowboard Series.  This is a progressive strength and conditioning program specific to snow sports injury prevention and performance enhancement.  By now you should have a good base strength to protect you from injuring yourself the first day out on the slopes.  Also by now, hopefully you have made it to the slopes!  The previous weeks direct you in beginning hip, core, and balance exercises.

Week 1:  Glut med and balance progressions

Week 2:  Front plank and squat progressions

Week 3:  Clams and side plank progressions

Week 4: Bridge and hip power progressions

The last two ski and snowboard blogs will emphasize developing your speed, agility, and power necessary for technical moves.

Lunge Progression – Week 5

The lunge exercise is one of the best total lower body exercises there is.   Eccentric muscle contractions in the gluts, hamstrings and quadriceps occur while performing the lunge, which creates strength for powerful movements.  The lunge will prepare your legs for more technical moves such as jumping and moguls.

Start: Stationary lunge.  Step one foot forward making sure that your front knee does not go beyond the toes.  Keep the trunk upright and abdominals engaged while lowering the back knee towards the ground.  Repeat 2 sets of 10-20 repetitions on each side.

Progress:  Perform the dynamic lunge by stepping back between each repetition.  To further advance it, add a rotational twist into the front leg.  Perform 2 sets of 10 – 20 repetitions or to fatigue.  

Squat and Rotation Progression – Week 5

Since much of our time on skis and snowboard are spent in a slight squat, this is a very sport specific exercise to improve your stability with shredding, moguls, or for creating power prior to aerial moves.

Start: Squat with rotational chop.  While holding a squat, use a weight or medicine ball to perform a low to high diagonal movement.  To progress in intensity move the weight faster without letting your hips/trunk sway.  Perform 2 sets of 30 seconds or to fatigue.  Repeat the other direction moving the weight low to high from your opposite side.

Progress: Single leg squat with rotational chop.  Perform 2 sets of 30 seconds or to fatigue.  Repeat the other direction moving the weight low to high from your opposite side.  Perform on each leg. 

Still not motivated or don’t have enough time to practice every day?  Come to Total Body Fitness every Tuesday and Saturday where we will feature specific exercises geared towards snow sports fitness.  There will be no class on Sat Jan 1st in observance of New Years Day.  Check back Monday for tips on goal setting for your resolutions.

Our  CPMC Sports Wellness holiday specials are available until January 15th.

Happy Holidays!

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