‘Tis the Season for Shopping

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are spending all of our spare time at the mall shopping.  We tend to focus all our energy looking for those great deals and the right gifts for our loved ones and friends that we forget about caring for our back.  Research states that one of the causes of low back pain is from faulty body mechanics.

Do you ever come home with a sore low back?  This may be due to poor mechanics when lifting, carrying your purchases, walking longer distances than you’re use to, or standing in those long lines.  Did you know that you end up walking 1.5 – 2 miles every time you go shopping?

When you’re out there shopping take time out to think about protecting your spine by using correct body mechanics.

For a happy back check out the video below and follow these quick tips:

  1. When lifting your packages, make sure you keep your back straight while engaging your core muscles (draw your navel toward your spine). Bend from your hips and knees.
  2. Keep your knees unlocked and shift your weight frequently while standing in line. Try to stand with one foot forward to distribute weight.
  3. Make sure to wear proper footwear-after all, you will most likely be on your feet for hours.  Good shoes can help with good back alignment.
  4. When carrying shopping bags, keep weight equal in both hands.
  5. Try to tighten stomach muscles when reaching for items on display.
  6. If you have any pain shopping, take a break! You may sit down frequently to take a break from shopping.  Be sure to sit in a neutral position with hips all the way back of the seat. Avoid slouching forward by using your purse or sweater to support your low back.
  7. Shop online and ship directly to your loved ones.  That way you  avoid standing in long lines and carrying heavy packages.

We know it’s that busy time of year, but don’t forget the most important thing is protecting your body! Happy Holidays!

Week Two of the Ski and Snowboard Series will be released Monday with explanations of the most common ski / snowboard injuries to follow later in the week.


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