Got muscle imbalances?

Do you ever wonder why despite exercising regularly, so many people still have shoulder problems?  The answer is muscle imbalance.

Door - Pec StretchSo many of our typical exercises focus on the muscles in the front of our body to the detriment of those on the back of our body.

Why?  One reason might be mirrors.  Mirrors, like the media, are great at showing us our front side.  But mirrors inherently ignore our backside.  So, even dedicated exercise, as great as it is for your mental and physical health, can cause you problems if you don’t balance our activities.

Everyday activities such as driving, watching TV, writing, typing, eating, cooking, etc. work the muscles in the front of our body.  This can result in tightness.  This tightness causes the shoulders to fall forward moving them out of their optimal position. This also leads to over-stretching the muscles in our backs. Muscle imbalances.

What you need to do is open up the front of your body with stretches to the chest and arms and strengthen the muscles on the back to balance us out.

See our postural exercises video for great tips!


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