Iliotibial band friction syndrome for runners

Have you ever experienced a nagging or burning pain over the outside of your knee, particularly after a long run. If you have, chances are that it may be Iliotibial band syndrome (ITB), one of the more common running injuries. 

The ITB is a band of tissue that runs from the outside of your hip to the outside of your knee. With running, the band can rub against the outside of the knee causing inflammation, aka, ITB syndrome. It is particularly common amongst new runners due to rapid increase in miles and very common here in the city due to running down hills. Similar to Patellofemoral pain or Runner’s knee (see post from 7/9/10), symptoms manifest due to weakness in hip musculature, causing poor control of the lower leg and greater stress on the ITB. 

Want to be painfree? 

Focus on core and hip strengthening. I know you’re a runner, but your core and hips control how your legs move. If your hips are stronger, your ITB won’t have to work overtime to support your pelvis. 

Please stretch… 







It does not have to be daily, but a simple stretch such as pulling your knee towards your opposite shoulder 







or rolling on a foam roll will go a long way. 







Stay tuned for more injury prevention tips for runners next week. 



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