Cycling Injuries?

It Might Be Time for a Bike Fit.

Remember the day you bought your first bike? Not the one with the handlebar tassels and banana seat, I’m talking about your first “real bike.”  Mine was a silver Raleigh – those 12 speeds and crisp lines seduced me from across the bike shop floor like some mythological steel Siren.  My bike fit at that time entailed exactly one step: straddling the top tube to confirm the requisite two inches of clearance.

Fortunately, the art of bike fitting has come a long way since then. Established in 1998 on the belief that “every cyclist, regardless of their ability, should be able to ride a bike that fits their body and their goals”, the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) has been influential in the advancement of bike fit technology and practice.  SICI certified bike fitters are exposed to extensive didactic and hands on training to qualify them to provide personalized bike fitting services.

Fit To Ride - Bike Fit at CPMC

Having your bike fit done by a SICI certified Physical Therapist with extensive knowledge of kinesiology and injuries has superior benefits to getting fit at your local bike shop.  In addition to suggesting proper components and alignment for you and your bike, a Physical Therapist can consult the cyclist on their “hot spots” and training technique for long-term efficiency with cycling.

Getting your bike fit is the first step to feeling good on the bike whether you are out on the road for a quick spin or long endurance ride – Make sure you are “Fit to Ride.”  Check out our upcoming blogs for specific cycling injuries,  prevention and treatment.



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