Back pain keeping you off the links?

“Addressing” Golf Injuries

Often the first thing that comes to mind when people think of golf is a middle aged man hacking at a little white ball during a business meeting or family outing. While this stereotype might hold some truth, even the fittest of golfers have injury risk each time they pick-up their clubs. Most of us would not be shocked to know that the most common golf related injury is back pain.  If the last thing you’d want is to miss that wedding party golf outing, you should know that a few simple exercises can help prevent injury without hardly picking up a club.

Strengthening your gluts and abdominal muscles can help correct common swing “faults” that may contribute to back pain.   Why strengthen gluts and abdominals when we are talking about back pain?  The answer is easier to say than to grasp.  Your hips and abs are the link between your lower and upper extremities (legs and arms). Your legs provide a strong base for the movable arms and spine during the golf swing.  A strong core will provide the necessary support between the two.

Not sure where to start?  There are two important components of strengthening.

 1. Neuromuscular recruitment – in other words coordination between key muscle groups to allow you to change a movement.  Here are a few drills that will help you engage the hip, gluts, and core in the golf swing.

2. Muscular force (endurance and power) – pure force output of the muscle once it has been recruited. Here are a few exercises that work on gluteal and core strength.  Here are a few exercises that focus on increasing strength and power in the hips and core.


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