Are you a stiff Golfer?

 Key Yoga Poses for Golf Flexibility

It’s early morning and you’re rushing to make your 7am tee time.  You barely make it, let alone have time to stretch.  However, by the 10th or 11th hole, you notice the stiffness set in and your swing begins to break down.   Golf is a sport that requires mobility and stability, and one of the biggest additions to training a golfer or improving the golf swing, has been the addition of physical conditioning. 

Like running, biking or any other sport, it is essential to complete a dynamic warm up and a movement preparation routine prior to initiating a round of golf.  Unfortunately with that 7am tee time and the morning dew, who wants to get on the grass to stretch out.  Here are 3 easy, STANDING yoga poses that are excellent for warming up and improving the mobility in key muscles and joints used in the golf swing.

 Chair – warms up hips; stretches shoulders, thoracic spine, and ankles to assist in maintaining posture and improving shoulder turn in back swing and follow through.  

Reverse Warrior –   warms up hips and shoulders; stretches thoracic spine, latissimus dorsi, groin, hip flexors, pectoralis muscles to assist with hip rotation and shoulder rotation in back swing and follow through.

 High lunge – warms up hips; stretches thoracic spine, shoulder capsule, latissimus, dorsi, hip flexors and pectoralis muscles to assist with maintaining posture during the entire swing and increasing mobility of your back swing and follow through without strain on the spine.


 Perform 2 sets of 15 sec holds for each exercise and you can prevent stiffness, pain, and break down of your swing during the back nine holes. 



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