Heavy Purse Pitfalls

How heavy is your Handbag?  5-10 -15 pounds!?! 


Research tells us that the average purse weighs in at 5.2lb.  The result?  We see the consequences in our Physical Therapy patients.

Are you experiencing neck or shoulder pain?  Continuous pressure from purse straps compresses the muscles and nerves that span between your neck and arm.  This can result in numbness and tingling. Sound familiar?Lighten the load

Since most people carry their purse on the same side, every day, they slowly push the spine out of alignment and place extra stress on the joints, muscles and ligaments on the opposite side of the body.  If you are having pain in any of these areas, or want to prevent these injuries from occurring, make an effort to switch the shoulder your purse sits on every day. 

Do you really need 5 lipsticks, 10 credit cards, keys to your ex’s house, and receipts from your shopping spree last year?  Lighten your load by pulling out items you rarely need.  If you just can’t keep stuff out of your favorite big bag, replace it with a smaller purse that can only fit the essentials. Use those trendy, bulky bags for the unique events. 

Downsize – You’ll feel so much better! 

Stay tuned on ways to address these muscle imbalances.



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