How is a Physical Therapist qualified?

Who are Physical Therapists?
Physical therapists are experts on human movement. Through the use of evidence based practice, physical therapists employ techniques and exercises to help patients develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function. Physical therapists focus on identifying and enhancing the quality of life and movement potential through promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation.

How are Physical Therapists Qualified?
Physical therapists must graduate from an acredited Physical Therapy Association higher education program. 202 of the 211 accredited physical therapy programs in the US are accredited at the doctoral level. After graduation, physical therapists must pass a State board certified exam to receive their license. Additionally, therapists can receive advanced certifications through the American Physical Therapy Association in their areas of expertise.  

CPMC is lucky to have 9 OCS certified physical therapists on staff. See our blog on ‘What does OCS mean?’ for more information.



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